Music & Art

My art is made of my photographs; my music is driven by a love of sound, harmony and the power of words. Art and music are a celebration of life. In the case of photography, my prime interests are of the female form and of people of the world.

Photography is about looking deeply into the world and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. My photographs represent the part of the world that I see as mysterious and awe-inspiring, or overwhelmingly, touchingly, beautiful. I am inspired by the great dignity of people in the humblest environments and the paradoxes of their lives that manifest visibly.

An inherent irony of a good photograph is that even though it marks just a pinpoint in time, it can evoke a sense of timelessness. There is a universality that is like a common thread that holds all eras together—it is the moment in which there are no distractions. Photographs can also simply be a record of an event, and not necessarily artistic, yet important nevertheless.

In this site, there are both fine art images and travelogue images that document my adventures. As for my music, I hope it is just plain fun and enjoyable to listen to. Art and music should speak for themselves. Enough said here.

Please visit the Hopeless Romantics website for music samples.