Namibia, 2000

Epupa Woman Sunbasking in Water, 2000
Namibia, Kunene Province (Region) – 8×10 film
Africa 1999-2000
Worldwide Photo Project – Namibia

December 15, 2000
Namibia, Kunene Province, Epupa

A group of four non-Himba women bathed in the river. They yelled out to me to photograph them. Not wishing to waste my time on mere snapshots, I got out my big camera. The last photo took a lot of work, as twice I screwed it up. But it had a nice effect. I made about ten corrections to the position of her head, neck, arms, legs, hands, etc., trying to get it to look just right. The photos were about f16/22 and 1/125th second in bright sunlight with blazing highlights on her skin.