Overfilled Reed Wagon
Overfilled Reed Wagon

I am always amazed at the ingenuity of people worldwide in maximizing use of the capacity of their vehicles. August 7, 2013: Slept in Trincomalee town, Trincomalee district, via Mannar, Kilinochchi, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaittivu, Vavuniya and Trincomalee provinces... Today has been good, I say, because now, at 1214a, I am in a very nice guest house, smelling the delicious aroma of food coming to the kitchen. It is almost like a home with its own cook. Clean, well designed, modern, the room is literally less than 2 meters from my chair and the kitchen just off to the right. But the day has been sort of rough. I feel uncomfortably hot, battling the heat and the air conditioning alternately or simultaneously. I am uncomfortable because of so many reasons, so many disappointments, not enough time, etc. But I am happy, in the sense I am alive and I am moving, I am able to walk and see and talk, etc. RETROSPECTIVE. I woke at 550a, feeling rather down as I woke up. We were actually on the road at 630a. We stopped at a place for tea. They had fish in a light curry sauce, so I had a vegetable-stuffed bun, a sweet bread, and several cups of sweet tea. We went out to a village by the beach. We practiced karate, then I took a very short dip in the sea with Ian. After getting back to town, we took the road towards Jaffna along the sea. It went through Kilinochchi. The road was being worked on, so it town many hours as the going was slow. It took about 4 hours to get to Pooneryn. Then, not far down the road, was the land's end and a long man made road that bisected the lagoon. There is military all over this country. I guess they have reason to be worried. Apparently the civil war only ended five short years ago, after nearly 3 decades. We got to Jaffna at about 2p. We had lunch there in a busy local restaurant. We passed back into Kilinochchi province, then Mullaittivu. There was a little temple there. I stood outside it recording on video the wonderful Indian (or Sri Lankan) song. The lilting voice and simple, pleasing chords and accompanying instruments made me want to take a break from life as I know it and learn how to play this type of music. The temple, although small, was quite interesting. I took the sacraments they offered. A man, possibly a priest, though dressed in plain clothes, put coloring on my forehead. Later, we passed into Vavuniya Province. There was not much daylight left at that point. i took what photos I could. We passed into Trincomalee in the dark. I typed away. I didn't pay attention to anyone but my "studies." I almost caught up as we rolled into Trincomalee in the dark. While looking for a hotel, we heard a street procession. Novita and I walked there. It was incredible. Men dressed as horses or goblins or other wild figures, dancing like crazy to the loud horn music, illuminated by a truck with lights and followed by a float with what I suppose was a religious icon. We finally found this hotel, the Blue Wave Hotel on a quiet, unassuming street. I asked for three rooms for the price of two and they allowed it. The driver and guide got one of those. Ian and Lani got another. And Mama, myself and Ryan got another. We waited interminably for dinner, and I thought it was going to be sooo good, but it was just OK. After, I went running. I called Venus. After, I went to the room and got ready for bed. I believe I made love to Novita.

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