Shea’s Register of the World – SISO (Shea’s ISO List)

The impetus behind this idea was to find an internationally recognized standard that gave a broad coverage to the world’s places. While this list covers most of the world’s places, there are still a considerable number of significant places that are left out. In the attached explanation, I outline to the reader how SISO is comprised of the Combined 3166-2 List and the Official Unlisted Places list and how all these lists fit into Shea’s Register of the World. Shea’s Register of the World is a complete, organized gazetteer of the world’s divisions and locations for the avid or extreme traveler to follow. Shea’s Register of the World will be coming soon to this site.
In my view, these lists are only constructs that offer a context within which to view travel. Lists are important insofar as they open one’s mind to the possibilities. The danger in lists is confining one’s thinking to them. For me, the heart of travel is in adventure, into peering into the mysteries of the world. Much is to be said for going on trips without handbooks, plans or a time schedule, leaving oneself open to the opportunities that fate has in store for us. It is usually true that the more time one spends in a place, the more one likes it.
I am making available to the public records of my travels in several forms: my SISO lists, maps of my SISO travels, journals, videos and photographs. In this section, you can track my travels according to the SISO list, country by country. I have a legend that describes whether my visit is confirmed or whether it is confirmed I have not visited it. The color gray means that I have not yet researched that place. As you will see, SISO is a great challenge. It is complex.
(Each country submits its sub-national territory list to the ISO in Geneva, Switzerland.) One has to go back and see where they have gone with respect to the various provinces.

Even though this is hard work, I can assure the avid or extreme traveler that this exercise is enlightening and mind-expanding. It opens up a whole new world to the person who has visited very country on earth.

Explanation of SISO
3166-1 Country List
Jeff Shea by country ISO list
Official Unlisted Places