Touring the United Kingdom, 2009

Pembrokeshire Coast, 2009 United Kingdom

October 19, 2009

Today was a rather fantastic day. The road to St. David’s was lovely. The sun and clouds were out. The town of Solva was gorgeous.

Lila and I went to the coast just beyond. It was raining, wonderful. Before Trefin, we saw a spectacular segment of coast. There was a stone circle. We spent about an hour there. I declared it part of Shea’s Register of the World8. Later, though, I debated, when I found out that the stone circle was only about four years old.

Fishguard Coast, 2009 United Kingdom

On the way we stopped in Fishguard. It was lovely, including the Fishguard Port.

Welsh Neolithic Dolmen (Stone Burial Chamber), 2009 United Kingdom, Pembrokeshire Province (County)

Up the coast, not far away, I saw a sign for an ancient Welsh Burial chamber. I went off the road several miles. The burial mound was amazing, with a large stone perched horizontally on top. It reminded me of Stonehenge. I shot photos of Lila, as if she were another pillar.

Girl Carrying Holy Text, 2009 United Kingdom, Tower Hamlets Province (County), London Worldwide Photo Project – United Kingdom London’s population represents nearly every ethnicity in the world. I took this photograph with an f4 500 mm Canon lens from across the street.

October 11, 2009

Slept in Croydon Borough, via Havering, Barking and Dagersham, Newham, Tower Hamlets, (back to) Newham, Greenwich, Bexley, Bromley, Lewisham and Croydon Boroughs

… On to Newham. Friendly drunk man spitting vodka, asked me to take his photo, told me he would replace the president, and if I didn’t take care of my girl, he’d come looking for me… On to Bexley, invited into the bar, met “village idiot” (just kidding, they were) and a photo of them all… (This day’s entry is continued on the song Terror Man on Disc 2, page 681.)

Street Party Girls, 2009 United Kingdom, Southhampton Province (County), England

October 13, 2009

Lila and I slept in the car along the road just inside Dorset county, via Brighton, East Sussex, West Sussex, Portsmouth, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Southhampton, Hampshire and Dorset counties

A long day, waking in Brighton, then traveling to the Isle of Wight and finally to Dorset county.

Braying Donkey, 2009 United Kingdom, Dorset Province (County)

Arundel Castle, 2011 United Kingdom, West Sussex Province (County)

We saw a huge cathedral and turned off the road into Shoreham-By-Sea. It was a lovely fishing village. We moved west and came to Arundel, a town with a beautiful castle.

We continued to Portsmouth. When we reached the waterside, I was immediately charmed. I took photos of two elderly women, who said they’d been friends for 50 years. They told us that the ferry went to the Isle Of Wight, visible in the distance.

We took a walk on the Isle of Wight, then we went back to Portsmouth. The last light of the sun disappeared shortly after we got there. We headed to Southampton. When we got there, I talked with the guy who worked at a fast food place. He was from Iraq. He admitted he, too, was afraid to go back to his country now.

I took photos of some pretty girls who passed by that wanted their photo taken. (See photo previous page.)