Love means many things to people. While this site focuses on my experiences with the fairer sex, it should be understood that love and sex, to me, are not the same thing. Love is not often thought of as a frontier, but to me it is. It is true that love is intangible.

Nevertheless, its existence as a real and powerful energy proves the importance of the intangible world. I believe very strongly in the existence of chemistry between people. This chemistry overrides logic; when the chemistry is harmonious, things can be truly beautiful between couples—when it is not, things are futile.

Love relationships are so central to the lives of most people, it is a subject worthy of understanding. When I was younger, I was blind to the inner workings of the heart; but as I matured, I became sensitive to the special chemistry that existed with certain women. Understanding that chemistry and learning to become aware when it is present allows one to move confidently in the affairs of the heart.