World Economics

When I look at the economic world, there are two overwhelming thoughts. One is that our greatest resource is the untouched beauty of Earth’s natural environment. The other is how inefficiently mankind goes about its business. If we consider the totality of human effort as a single resource, then we might ask ourselves how it is best to be expended.

Nationalism-the idea of separating humankind into individual nations, which reaches almost a religious fervor in some places, may not be the best way to organize human effort. At the least, nations require their borders to be defended; yearly, this results in the expenditure of billions of hours of human energy.

On a global level, nothing is really achieved. I think it would be more beneficial globally to redirect that human effort to agriculture, medicine and education. In terms of preserving our natural world, vast tracts of land should be turned into world parks, one on each continent. These areas would be preserved so that future generations would be able to know the world as it originally was. Please visit the World Parks website for more information.

The key question in global economics is how to structure things so that we can work peaceably towards mutual prosperity. Let us think in terms of what is desirable and doable for the race as a whole.