Philosophy of Action – Theories of the System

Jeff Shea January 4, 2000

Theory 1 – Theory of Innate Momentum
Discovery of innate momentums transcends material gain. §1 (§1- See below)

Theory 2 – Theory of MaterialSuccess

Process transcends material gain. §2

Corollary 1:
The style and strategy inherent to the process of goal achievement arise from the philosophic foundation from which the stated goals originally emanated.

Theory 3 -Theory of the Probability of Reality §3
The limit of the probability that things will end up the way they will is zero.

Corollary 1:
Real potentials only exist when events are near fruition.

Corollary 2:
Steerage can bring an event to fruition.

Theory 4 – Theory of Innate Momentums
There are five innate human momentums:

Adventure (physical curiosity)
Economic activity (survival)
Expression (art, music & literature)
Love (sex, procreation)
Thought (philosophy, intellectual curiosity)

Theory 5 – Theory of Best Path
The best path is invisible.

Theory 6 – Theory of Inner Conflict
Speed of passage to a goal is limited only by one’s inner conflicts.

Theory 7 -Theory of Achievement
Achievement level is limited only by the quality of one’s inner processes.

Corollary 1:
One’s control over their fate is limited to one’s mastery of their inner conflicts and processes.

Theory 8 – Theory of Efficient Path
The most efficient path is the one that eliminates unnecessary effort.

Theory 9 – Theory of Optimal Path
The optimal path harmoniously aligns energies.

Theory 10 – Theory of Separation
From any given point with respect to time, there is one critical thing that separates us from any other given point.

Theory 11 – Theory of the Unseen
Anything that can be thought of is unimportant compared to that which is not being thought of.

Theory 12 – Theory of Resistance
The ‘resistance’ to one’s momentum is proportional to the mass of the momentum.

Theory 13 – Theory of the Thin Momentum
The most efficient way to generate momentum is to reduce one’s purpose to the “thinnest” possible quantity.

Theory 14 – Theory of the Intangible Medium
Attitude is the Intangible Medium needed to reach one’s path within the “thin momentum.”

Theory 15 – Theory of Proximity
Distance lends proximity.

§1 [The discovery of innate momentums out-races the push for outward improvement exponentially.]
§2a [Energy applied to process yields exponential material gains in comparison to energy applied to material gains.]
§2b [Process energy transcends material energy.]
§2c [Process energy is fundamentally more powerful than the material world.]
§2d [Material success is best achieved from the abandonment of the material aspects of the goals sought in favor of concentration on the Process.]
§3 [The probability that things will end up the way they will is zero.]