Indian Leopard at Sasan Gir
Indian Leopard at Sasan Gir

Today was the most amazing of days, because today I took a photo of a leopard that fulfilled a premonition that I would take a great wildlife photo there. Woke at about 730a. Got ready. Rused. Had tea and a brownie. Drove to the park (Devali?) . On the way, a male lion was walking on the road. I took photos from a distance and then we got closer.. More photos. Maybe about 60 feet away at closest. We pooled our money, including Khan, to pay for the unexpectedly high entrance fee. 2400 for foreigners, 150 for locals. As we boarded the bus, the staff person in the white shirt offered us the shotgun seat left of the driver, which I immediately went to sit in. We found two female lionesses and one young lion. Although I had a good vantage, it was not dynamic, and the photos were only mediocre. An owl, antelope, a large waterbuck-like creature, etc. But when we got to the leopard enclosure, a pit about 300 meters in diameter with walls about 6m high, it was exciting. Other than in zoos, I have never seen a leopard. Although these were essentially in captivity, there was the sense they were wild. The driver adjusted the position of the bus. Two leopards headed down to the wall. The lead one suddenly stopped and looked right at me. The pose of its body was classic, exemplifying its sleek, powerful design. I took about six rapid photos. They were beauitful. This moment was one of the highlights of my life.

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